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Best SMS Marketing Platform to send smart bulk SMS with images, links, attachments, OTPs & more


Does your business include different branches or franchises? Need multiple Eliteideas accounts with centralized management? Want to secure with granular role restrictions and get detailed audit trail for users accessing your accounts? Want enhanced support SLAs, ultra-low-latency OTP routes and bespoke integrations? Using our enterprise-grade features, we allow you to setup and manage your data, accounts, users easily and efficiently and in the way you want to. Get in touch with your account manager to know more!

Tiered Account Structure

Eliteideas provides a tiered account using which you can allow your business branches or franchises to run their own Bulk SMS campaigns. You can pay centrally and allocate credits to your sub-accounts as per requirement and track the consumption.

Multi-User Roles & Privileges

Do you have problem with accessing a single account with multiple users? As a Administrator, you can set out granular roles and privileges for each of your sub users. You can even track their usage with a detailed audit trail report.

Control Your SMS Content

You can track, control and manage the content in every SMS that is sent from your account. You can set limit to your sub-users to certain predefined SMS template. On the other hand, you can also restrict your sub-users’ campaigns from being delivered without your explicit approval.

Bespoke Management

We provide you with a variety of services from data cleansing and campaign management to custom API integrations and bespoke reports. Our mobile marketing expert teams helps you with the most appropriate database and marketing insights to get started with your lead generation!

Ultra Low Latency OTP Route

A delayed OTP can affect your business. So don’t let your business get affected with delayed OTP. We can now set up your account with an advanced feature i.e. auto-retry option. Our gateway smartly reroutes the OTP with various operator if the delivery receipt is delayed.

Enhanced Support SLAs

Get experienced with our customized support from our internal mobile marketing and technical experts. We also provide enhanced SLAs to support corporate clients to meet their service level needs.

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