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Campaign Tracing Metrics

Elite ideas Link Tracking System aids in tracking your SMS marketing campaigns.

Tracker setting so simple. Once you set the tracker the messenger tracks and reports the details as when were the links opened and by whom. Get accurate reports on the click through rates of the campaigns you run.

Get the details such as who opened the links and when did they open, the location details and details of the device in which it was opened and its characteristics. When you are attaching surveys, Tickets, mobile pages, web links, attachments in your SMS messages link tracking allows you to keep the URL length in check while capturing extensive usage. These short links not only save the matter in your message, but also allow you to benefit from your customer behavior. Short links also aid in knowing which campaigns are yielding good results.

Get a precise idea of your customer behavior and the effectiveness of the campaign

Short links insertion:

Mobile Tickets, Vouchers, Loyalty cards, forms and surveys which are created in Eliteideas are assigned short links. Eliteideas shortens the webpage URL for keeping the message length in check and enables tracking functionality.

Campaign metrics tracking:

In Eliteideas SMS marketing just like the Email marketing you can track how many people have clicked through your web links and attachments. Keep track of the customers who have clicked through the links and find the response rates in real time.

Gain customer data vision:

Get the data of the recipients who clicked through the links like their mobile number, location, device characteristics and the time of accessing the link. For further analysis in future this data is exported.

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