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Best SMS Marketing Platform to send smart bulk SMS with images, links, attachments, OTPs & more


Our Messenger enables you can to receive SMS messages online from your subscribers and customers using a union of short codes, long codes and keywords. These received SMS will be stored in your inbox and you can respond them instantly and you can also manage them easily using different types of tools maintained by Eliteideas.

Subscribers and customers can get in contact with you for more information and even show interest in your product or service with a simple text message sent to your inbox. You can design your inbox either by just using dedicated numbers or using the keywords on shared numbers. Using the Shared number, any text message sent with your keyword (e.g.B2CAdvertisers) to a shared code (e.g. 31468xxx) or a shared long code (e.g. 987186XXXX) will be delivered to your inbox. Using the dedicated numbers, any SMS sent to your dedicated short code or long code will be delivered to your inbox.

Add a long code or short code to your marketing strategy to provide an easy, cost-effective way for customers to get in contact with you instantly. Adding shared short codes/long codes is the perfect way to start work with SMS marketing techniques because they are very economical in cost and it’s also easy for customers to remember.

You can increase your contact database using your inbound numbers. If anybody sends a SMS to your inbox, then they can be considered as an opt-in member for the session and their number will be stored in your inbox, which is readily available to transfer to your contact list. With this you can save money and time in buying mobile data and you can target the contacts those who are not engaged with your brand.

Either you want to increase your contact list or receive text message by two way SMS communication we are here to serve you with high cost-effective delivery rate. SMS reply option increases overall response rates to a great extent.

Simple, Efficient & Cost Effective Way For Subscribers & Customers To Reach You Instantly

Customers can get information on- demand by sending a text message
For postcode look-up of nearby services use inbound text message
You can schedule automated responses
You can schedule email or text messages auto responses to insert brochures or other attachments & links
Scheduled SMS text messages can be sent after a particular period of time-offering flexibility
Usage of auto reply text messages will let customers know that you are associated with their enquiry
Inbound messages can be delivered to your email or to an application program
Increase and improve your contact database
Store incoming messages' contact numbers easily
Receive text message replies to marketing and other communications for FREE
Use long code and short code for easy and instant recall and familiarity

SIX Powerful Techniques To Receive SMS messages Online

We have introduced six powerful techniques to receive SMS messages Online. If you want know which one suits the best for your business, please do contact us on XXXXXX. We would be glad to help you.

  1. FREE Keyword on a Long Code
  2. Business Keyword on a Long Code
  3. Business Keyword on a Short Code
  4. Dedicated Long Code
  5. Dedicated Short Code
  6. QR Codes for SMS Messages

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