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SMS APIs Integration

Eliteideas SMS APIs allow you to send bulk SMS offers, trigger transactional updates and OTP’s, Receive inbound SMS, generate reports, and manage contacts and many more.

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Eliteideas SMS Gateway routing gives the best in class delivery rates and speed.Effortlessly Integrate Eliteideas API with Business SMS Features Eliteideas APIs send SMS, you can retrieve inbound messages and schedule messages, manage contacts and many more things. Below are the features of the API.

Sending SMS: You can send Bulk SMS through Eliteideas Robust bulk SMS messaging API. Send group or individual SMS.

SMS Campaign Scheduling You can schedule all the messages to be sent or cancel any unwanted messages directly from the site.

Inbound Messages Results to the messages are returned as either JSON or XML. Restore a list of inboxes and get the list of messages.

Managing Contacts Create and delete contact groups add contacts either in bulk or individually.

Reporting messages Fetch the status of any messages or group of messages. Restore the history of all the messages sent through messenger, Email to SMS or the API.

Survey Results (messenger survey) Restore a list of Surveys and the Survey results are converted to JSON or XML.

Managing Account You can easily restore the SMS and MMS balances and keep track of your Eliteideas account.

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