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Send Bulk SMS directly from your Email application

Emails to SMS is a form of technology which converts standard emails into SMS messages. Email to SMS is an API which allows emails to be converted to SMS. With the help of Eliteideas SMS Gateway you can easily receive your mails instantly to your mobiles as SMS. You can receive your mails in the form of SMS without internet connectivity. Send emails to mobile [email protected] and all your emails sent to this address will be delivered as SMS. Stay on the top of the critical Email alerts and notifications with

Do not miss a single email. Stay On Top of the Critical Email Alerts

Critical Business Email Alerts
Business Emails need immediate attention, so for such Emails get SMS alerts every time you receive an Email.

Staff/Team alerts
Sending an important emergency Email for a sudden meeting or reminding an important task can be done via a single Email.

Critical Hardware Alerts
In case of some technical problems like critical Hardware failure or Overload alert messages are sent immediately to your mobile phones as SMS.

Process of Sending E-mail to SMS Messages

You have to enable Email to SMS in your EliteIdeas account before getting started. To enable this,login to your account,click on settings,then Email2SMS,and check the 'Activate Email 2 SMS' checkbox .

  1. Message Recipients Added

    To send bulk SMS to groups,select a contact group by including its ID in the ‘To field:[email protected]

    (OR) Add one or more recipients by including their numbers in the ‘To,number [email protected]

  2. Compose Messages

    Add #%# before your SMS message stars.The leading text is removed from the SMS text.

    Mark the SMSstop position by adding ## at the end of your message. The default content footers are ignored and excluded from the SMS text.

  3. Include the parameters which are optional

    Compose your subject line to include optional parameters or just leave it blank to use the account settings by default. You can get the full features of messenger directly into your mail client.

  4. ptional PDF attachment included

    Attach a file to your email and specify its position in your message content with a parameter#attachment#. There is also possibility to attach a PDF file in your email and get it delivered via SMS as a short link.

    Security of Password

    You can set password authentication for Email to SMS through your ‘messenger>Email to sms ‘settings.You can include password=xxxx for security purpose authentication.

    Scheduling of messages

    To go out at a certain date and time you can schedule your messages by including Sched=yyyy-MM-DD-HH-MM-SS in the subject line.

    Messaging a group

    With Eliteideas Email to SMS Gateway you have the possibility of sending messages to one or more groups by including group=GroupID 1,GroupID 2,GroupID 3 in the subject line. From the corresponding group page you can get the Group ID.

    Sender Names

    Make sure to select a proper sender name from the list of sender ID’s. In Order to have your texts on the recipient's phone from the name of your company you must include sender=sender ID in subject line.

  5. Email to sms control panel used to manage settings

    Message length setting

    Setting the message length to 4 text messages for preventing fraud in future

    Adding additional users

    Adding additional users for sharing your Email to SMS account to send message complete with their own sender name.

    Handling subject line

    You can choose to compose your SMS within the subject line.

    Summary delivery

    You can get the message delivery summary status directly to your inbox.

Excel to SMS

With Eliteideas you can send SMS directly from Excel spread sheet without logging in to the Eliteideas messenger. The following are the guidelines you need to follow to set up Excel to SMS in your Eliteideas account. SMS marketing is a cutting-edge and a highly cost effective technique of marketing a business in this cutthroat competitive era.

Sign up

Sign up for a free Eliteideas account and activate it by verifying your email address,mobile number.

  1. Add credits to your Eliteideas account
  2. You need to have credits in your Eliteideas to send SMS using the plugin. Check your credit balance in the top right corner of the dashboard. One credit is used for 1 SMS of up to 160 characters.

    To purchase credits you can log on to the website and click on ‘Buy Button on the top right corner.

  3. Download and install the plugin
    1. Go to page from office store.
    2. You will be taken to the template install page by clicking on add button.
    3. To download the Excel sheet,click on open in Excel.
    4. Open the sheet,click on ‘enable editing’ and ‘Trust this ad-in’ to finish the installation.

    You can open the plug-in from your Excel sheet by navigating to insert>my Add-ins>Excel to SMS.

  4. Connect to Eliteideas
  5. First when you use Excel to SMS, you need to connect to Excel to Eliteideas account using an API key.

    1. Click settings>All settings>API Keys
    2. Click on create New key
    3. In the notes field, give your API key a name,for example: click Save New Key.

    When you install the plug in for the first time,you will be prompted to add your API key into the Eliteideas window in Excel.

    Click enter to connect to your Eliteideas account. API key will be an alphanumeric string in the format.

  6. Compose your message
  7. After the installation of the Excel plug in and entered your API key,you can start writing your message.

    Casting Sender IDs

    Messages can be sent as promotional messages,transactional messages.

    Promotional SMS will be delivered with a random 6-digit sender ID assigned by the telecom operator.

    Transactional SMS can be assigned a 6-alpha character sender ID of your choice. It should correspond with your business or product name.

    For example you have created account in transactional route and you want a sender ID of your choice,then you need to upgrade to promotional route.

    Creating Messages Manually

    To manually compose message ,set ‘Use Selected cells’ to number. Select compose message and type your message in the pop up window. Click save when your message is ready.

    Enter your phone numbers into the Numbers field. After pressing enter the number changes to blue colour,with this you can understand that system had accepted the number. You can send this message to many numbers are you want and every recipient will receive the same message.

    Messages Automation

    To personalise your messages,select the cells you want to use for messaging . Set selected cells to Yes and confirm your selection by clicking ok in the pop up box.

    Select compose message

    If you want to add personalised content in to your messages,use the columns drop-down menu to select the information you want to add to your message then click on Insert Placeholder.

    Apart from using the drop-down menu,you can also add in personalised information without using the drop-down menu by typing the column header in {}brackets,e.g{Dog} is a {Domestic animal}.

    When you use this type of messaging then,you have to observe the same spelling,spacing and capitalising. Once your message is ready,click save.

    You need to inform Excel to SMS as to what are the columns which contain your phone numbers. For this you can use the numbers column drop down menu.

    Message Scheduling

    Set the Date and Time for the messages you send. If you want to send messages on a particular date and Time then,set the Date ,Time.

  8. Sending the Message
  9. After composing the messages click on send, soon after this you will find a message summary of your message.This pop up window of summary report will show the content of the message you have sent,the number of messages you are sending. Date & Time scheduled for the message will be displayed.

    Calculate cost = This is the number of SMS credits that your send will consume.

    Number of messages=This is the number of contacts you are sending to,it does not imply to the number of characters you are using.

    If you are using your account in your professional route,then DND filter will exclude the numbers for which DND filter is activated. Excluding the filtered numbers the cost is reflected for the remaining numbers in the calculate cost.

    Click confirm to send your message.

  10. Obstruct Excel to SMS plug-in
  11. To change the position of the plug-in to different position,clickon the top of the plug-in window and drag it to move.

    To close the Eliteideas panel in Excel,then just click on ‘close’ button in the top right corner of your spreadsheet.

    To log out completely,click on Logout’. You can login back you can use the API key.

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