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Best SMS Marketing Platform to send smart bulk SMS with images, links, attachments, OTPs & more


It’s a proven fact that SMS text messages are more successful in both open rates and response rates when compared to email messages. In this modern technology, mobile phones will always be within arm's reach so as a text message and 98% of SMS text are read within 5 minutes.

But in regular text messages you can send only text format messages but through email we can insert any file - image, PDF, Spreadsheet, etc along with the message. We have now introduced the same email functionality to SMS through which you can send images, PDFs, menus, brochures with SMS text message. With this new feature the business owners can get high open rate which in turn leads to high ROI.

Attract and engage your customers with our special SMS feature - attach images and files with SMS to get high open rate and ROI.


You can now share unlimited images and file attachments with the SMS text message which are less than 10MB. Here is the list of examples of files that you can attach with your SMS.

Images : You can now share images via text message. Attach a JPEG to the text message and share it with your opted in customers. Sharing images via SMS is the most cost effective way to promote your business.

PDFs : You can also insert PDF files like brochures with text message with no additional charge instead of sharing with them directly or through email or any other means. Sharing PDF files via text message will increase the open rate of the file.

Menus : If you have bunch of menus you can share it with text message to the opted in customers instead of waiting for them to pick up. We also provide file attachments for your automated SMS responses to incoming messages!

Newsletter : You can also send a Newsletter to your subscribers list via text message. Using this feature your potential reach will be outstanding as the click through rate of a SMS is 40% where as the click through rate of email is 8%. The numbers speak for themselves!

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