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The mobile web page refers to browser based internet services accessed from handheld mobile devices, such as smartphones or feature phones, through a mobile or other wireless network. Mobile web pages are quite different from those of desktop reading. The desktop version of site might be difficult to view and use on a mobile device. The version that’s not mobile-friendly requires the user to pinch or zoom in order to read the content. Users find this a frustrating experience and are likely to abandon the site. Alternately, the mobile-friendly version is readable and immediately usable.

Mobile websites display only a part of the regular website. Mobile web pages can be sent via SMS as a link and they don’t have limitations on the number of characters or the length of the message. More longer and detailed messages can be sent at free of cost.

Eliteideas offer you a free website tool which is built into your messenger account. This free web tool is reliable and easy to use. No need of a technical expert to create bright and attractive web pages.

The main advantage of mobile webpage is the visual and the content is rich, tracking is good from starting to ending. SMS are very advantageous when compared to the Email.

Advantages of Mobile optimised web pages:

  • Improved user experience
  • Increased average time on site
  • Faster website load speed
  • Mobile pages can be sent as text SMS


Reporting at no cost

Click activity reports for your mobile web campaigns are provided by Eliteideas. There is a option to view the number of recipients who opened your webpages.

Web Pages personalizing

You can have a personalized impact on the customer by including some personal details of the customer. This way you have the possibility of having a personalized touch with the customer.

Optimization of Handset

In Eliteideas all the web pages and websites are mobile compatible and optimized to view in any type of mobiles.

Compatibility of Network

Mobile web page loading speeds are directly linked to the mobile network capacity.A mobile web page or mobile website take less time to load and are less expensive also.

Message scheduling

Scheduling text messages to be sent at proper time with mobile web page link to create utmost recognition Web Page Design at no cost

Create your own mobile web pages on your own with this extra feature of Eliteideas. While creating your own web page you can add a copy with different sizes,font style and colour, add tablets and even include and upload photos all within an interface.

Mobile Web Page Creation

Today, making your website mobile-friendly is an absolute must .So,optimizing your website for mobile is not just a trend or a side option. Consumers in every industry want to connect and get what they’re looking for quickly. If you’re not optimized for mobile,you can’t offer your customers that type of experience.

Websites that aren’t mobile-friendly are quickly becoming defunct within our fast-evolving digital landscape. As time goes by, more and more websites will emerge that are mobile-friendly, pushing those that are not even farther down the search results page and away from customers.

Eliteideas offers you a mobile web page creation tool through which you can create mobile web pages on your own. With this mobile website builder to improve the conversations of your bulk SMS campaigns.

The mobile web pages that you create can be sent through bulk SMS campaigns as a link. There are no character limitations like the traditional text messages,that means you can send longer and more detailed messages for free.

Eliteideas helps you in delivering your messages to the customer and in managing the response back to your website. We attempt to cover every aspect of your campaigns and ensure optimal results at every level.To start using the mobile web page creation tool you can sign up for free from starting to ending. SMS are very advantageous when compared to the Email.


A mobile website allows you to immediately engage users with mobile-specific features such as click-to-call,mapping functions. If you are a local business mobile s particularly significant as more visitors will find your site through location-aware.

Mobile websites are specially designed for mobile standards and optimal download speed,which means less waiting and more browsing.